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Technology meets Healthcare 

Providing support, knowledge and technology to ensure a thriving healthcare practice

With growing complexity, payment ambiguity, managed care, co-pays and other healthcare insurance trends, the SpesNet products and services have been designed to help professional medical healthcare practitioners and their practice staff to effectively manage the operational and business aspects of their practice by providing practical solutions for “real-world” concerns in everyday practice.

These include:

Health Code Index

Accurate coding reduces administration, the need for motivations and medical scheme rejections. We provide you with a clinically appropriate cross match between RPL, ICD-10 and CPT4 (CCSA) codes and also:

  • An RPL, ICD-10 and CPT4 search engine

  • RPL tariff, including Payment Arrangement tariffs

  • PMB indicator per ICD-10 code

  • ICD-10 Age and Gender validation

  • Primary/secondary ICD-10 code validation

  • ICD-10 External Cause code warning

  • NAPPI code search

  • Real-time coding updates

Patient Informed Clinical consent

We offer you our web based patient informed consent tool. Giving the patient all the relevant clinical information related to the treatment you propose, at the click of a button! Saving you time and ensuring compliance to legislation.

Funders File

A central repository of all Medical Scheme’s plans, benefits, co-payments and limits. Know exactly what cover your patients have before treatment.

Web Builder

Ensure you have an internet presence! That’s how patients find you. You are now able to build and manage your own website – free for subscribing member.

Payment Arrangement database

A central repository of all Medical Scheme’s Payment Arrangements and Alternative Reimbursement models (ARM’s). Optimising your practice income by assisting you in comparing these and choosing the correct ones for your practice.

Healthcare Helpline

This call centre is both managed and supported by a dedicated team of medical professionals, clinical nursing case managers as well as coding experts. Call them for advice on ICD-10, RPL and CPT4 coding, PMB’s and general healthcare issues.

Human Resources Management and Legal assistance

As a subscriber we provide you with electronic employment contracts and policy documents, saving you time and assisting you to manage your staff and protect your practice.

We also provide you with other legislated forms and documents such as a Practice Patient contract, the Children’s Act forms and National Health Act to name a view.

Account Management Services

Let us deal with the red tape at Medical Schemes – we will handle your Medical Scheme escalation relating to outstanding and shot payments as well as PMB claims.

Credit Card Terminals

We have negotiated with all major Banks to offer you exceptional discounts on transactional and rental fees on in-room credit and debit card machines. The savings you generate out of this service, often makes the SpesNet membership offer more than cost-neutral. Use our online Savings Calculator to see how much you could save.

Injury on Duty claims

Let our dedicated team of specialists assist you in recovering your outstanding IOD claims. Let us deal with the red tape at the Compensation Fund.


Through Health Code Index we provide you with a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) indicator on ICD-10 codes and our Healthcare Helpline is just a call a way to assist you with you outstanding and short paid PMB claims.

NAPPI search

Use this tool to search for the correct NAPPI code based on the product name, product code and manufacturer detail.

SMS Communicator

Use the SMS Communicator as your preferred SMS service provider to communicate appointments and outstanding accounts – at extremely competitive rates.

Industry Information

Through our monthly SpesNews we will keep you up to date with all relevant Healthcare Industry news and updates. 

SpesNet Access

Your monthly membership ensure access to the SpesNet website – your one-stop-shop for all your practice administration needs!

Practice Details View

You have a view of you practice details and can request changes at the click of a button.

Multi User Administration

Update and edit all the users associated to your Practice inside the website. Allocate their level of access by choosing the appropriate roles for them in you Practice.

CDL list

Reference the complete Chronic Disease List conditions.

Tariff Search

Search for Tariffs for all Medical Schemes and all Payment Arrangements. We have even included Tariffs for discipline specific Alternative Reimbursement Models (ARMs).

Healthcare Training

SpesNet offers training through DUXAH, The Academy of Healthcare. DUXAH, evolved from within SpesNet and embarked on a mission to educate, motivate and incentivise postgraduate training and assist Specialists, their staff and all healthcare administration managers. We offer Coding training, Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) training, Healthcare Professional Development Programme and Healthcare Management Certificates (HAMC)

Group Purchasing

Our scale in the Specialist market allows us to bring the best discounts and deals to our Subscribers, such as our discounted credit card rates and fees.

Our partners

DUXAH, The DUX Academy of Healthcare, evolved from within SpesNet, a company established by medical specialists to assist medical specialists and recently qualified registrars to negotiate the fraught business of private practice.

Optimising practice income! Get all the power, functionality, and flexibility your Specialist practice needs, plus the convenience of the Web.

ProfNet provides business management tools and practice support to maximise the income and efficiencies of private practice in the South African Allied Healthcare environment.

Evolve Medical is a leading provider of customised integrated software solutions.

When Discovery was established as a small specialist health insurer two decades ago, we made a clear and profound promise: to make people healthier. Making people healthier and enhancing and protecting their lives has evolved into our core purpose.

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