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Point of Sale Terminal (Credit Card Machines)

  •   Merchant Discount: Ct Cards Merchant Discount: Dt Cards Monthly Terminal Rental Installation and Training Minimum Discount Fee
    FNB POS 1.80% 0.80% R334.21 (Includes Communication) Free R350.00
    ABSA POS 1.98% 0.80% R250.00 (Excludes Communication) R525.00 R375.00
    ABSA Pebble 3.20%
    (ABSA Client)

    (Non ABSA Client)
    (ABSA Client)

    (Non ABSA Client)
    R50.00 R160.00
    Standard POS 1.90% 0.80% R310.00
    (VX520/ICT220 - Includes Communication))
    Free R150.00
    Standard VeriClaim Integration POS 1.80% 0.70% R310.00
    (VX520 - Includes Communication)
    Free R150.00
    Nedbank POS 1.95% 0.90% R324.00 (Includes Communication) R500.00 Installation and Training & R200 once off activation fee for sim cards R300.00

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  • Welcome to the official website of your leading partner in practical and sustainable technologically based practice administration solutions that is structured around systems automation and advanced integration technologies. In the nightmare of cumbersome practice administration, SpesNet specialises in the streamlining of processes linking funders with healthcare professionals.

Latest News

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    SpesNews Volume 121

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    Private Healthcare is "Wasteful"
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  • Appointment of new Administrator for andministration and managed care services from 2016 - 2018

    Appointment of new Administrator for andministration and managed care services from 2016 - 2018

    POLMED appoints new Administrator

  • SpesNews Volume 120

    SpesNews Volume 120

    PMB at Cost at 2006 RPL +CPIX

    Promotion of access to information manual

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  • SpesNews Volume 119

    SpesNews Volume 119

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  • SpesNews Volume 118

    SpesNews Volume 118

    Medical Doctors Coding Manual (MDCM)

    CMS Script 5 of 2015

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    Government Project Ku-Riha

  • SpesNews Volume 117

    SpesNews Volume 117

    Update of GEMS referrals

    Advanced Groenkloof Day Hospital




  • SpesNews Volume 116

    SpesNews Volume 116

    Introducing DUXAH - DUX Academy of Healthcare

  • SpesNews Volume 115

    SpesNews Volume 115

    Regulation 8 - PMB at Cost

    FedHealth and GEMS coordination of care

    GEMS code 0008/0009 and 0011

  • Negligence claims affect healthcare

    Negligence claims affect healthcare

    Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has warned that South Africa is facing a major crisis of doctors, in particular obstetricians and gynaecologists, being reluctant to perform surgeries in fear of medical negligence lawsuits.

  • SpesNews Volume 114

    SpesNews Volume 114

    Competition Commission Private Healthcare

    Medical Schemes using the State Hospitals as DSP

    Professional Development Program

    GEMS Medical Scheme claims


  • Saatchi Bill vetoed

    Saatchi Bill vetoed

    Lib Dems veto Saatchi's medical innovation bill Health minister cites 'risk of unintended consequences' of law to allow doctors to use innovative treatments when other options are exhausted

  • SpesNews Volume 113

    SpesNews Volume 113

    Forensic Audits - Code 2493

    Remunerative Work Outside the Public Service

    The Certificate of Need


  • Con Court Declares ‘Certificate Of Need’ Invalid

    Con Court Declares ‘Certificate Of Need’ Invalid

    The Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled President Jacob Zuma’s decision to sign a proclamation forcing doctors to obtain permission before they find work at any private practice as “irrational and invalid.”

  • SpesNews Vol 112

    SpesNews Vol 112

    Competition Commission enquiry

    Regulation 8 amendment

    Year End check list


  • SAMA rejects simplistic BHF report on private health costs

    SAMA rejects simplistic BHF report on private health costs

    The South African Medical Association (SAMA) is perturbed by the current hysteria and furore in the media following the publication by the Rapport newspaper of selective quotes from allegations made by the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF)