Practice Academy

Dedicated to aligning strategic, economic, and business interests that support the quality of patient care and business activities of independent, patient centered medical Specialist practice - SpesNet has grown to become the leading, independent, multi-discipline, medical Specialist health care provider network organization in South Africa.

The hallmark of SpesNet; medical Specialists maintain control of their practices; we provide the healthcare business expertise.

By focusing our attention on identifying and pre-empting market change, particularly those that threaten relationships, sub-optimize financial performance, or become obstacles to the achievement of mutual goals.

Our overriding objective is finding the solutions to create a balanced and enduring healthcare partnership which is dedicated to preserving and protecting the independence of private medical Specialist practice care.

Having worked for some of the best in the healthcare business world and with extensive insight and a broad understanding of the entire healthcare market, as well as a genuine understanding on the needs of running and managing a professional medical practice in a managed cost care setting.

Our highly qualified professional healthcare business and medical support staff teams concentrate on those areas that are at the very heart of every professional medical practice - to deliver the best professional medical practice support and services which assists in; reducing practice overhead, increase practice profitability, and enhance practice efficiency.

This is achieved through the application of proven solution service processes which focus on income revenue protection and practice administration support, medical coding and compliance, medical aid provider contracting review, professional training in practice management and administration, and practical practice management support services.

We pride ourselves on providing our members and their practice staff with the timely and responsive service they require and the high degree of professional personal contact they deserve to manage their every day professional private medical practice. All the while retaining the member’s independence and to having complete control over all clinical care decisions for their patients.